Silkytoo Pro Facial Steamer

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Silkytoo Pro Facial Steamer

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Why You Need Silkytoo Pro Facial Steamer:

💖 Open pores and make further deep cleaning twice more effective 

💖 Regular additional hydration make skin healthier and smoother 

💖 Delicate skin cleaning prevent new acne and blackheads  

💖 Way more effective and faster than tradition steaming using a pot

💖 Allow you to visit SPA salons rarely and save thousands of dollars per year

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No more steaming your face in a pot

This portable professional facial device delivers a micro-steam tech feature. Mainly beneficial to saturate skin with hydration, improve the blood flow circulation and make way for a clear complexion that looks naturally flushed and healthy

The SILKYTOO™ Facial Steamer is designed to easily detoxify and cleanse your face.
5-10 minutes of steam works to hydrate and soften your skin, while removing toxins and dirt from your pores. Our ionic steam technology unclogs your pores to release impurities while naturally moisturizing your face.

Our Facial Steamer is perfect to use before a session with our Skin Scrubber or Pore Cleanser Handset. 


Our nano-ionic steam technology combines a warming steam effect with an ultrasonic vaporizer to create nano steam particles that more effectively penetrate the skin. When the steam comes in contact with the skin, it increase the skin's internal temperature, which opens and softens pores. It also improves blood circulation, causing healing nutrients to be sent directly to skin cells.

HOW TO USE? (it`s piece of cake) 


How long and how often should it be used?

We recommend using your steamer 1-2 times per week for 5-10 minutes. It will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.

Can I add essential oils?

Yes! Feel free to add essential oils for added skin benefits and to diffuse them in the surrounding area.

How far away from the steamer should I be?

We recommend positioning your face about 10 inches (25 cm) away from the steamer.

Do I use other skin care products before or after the steamer?
1. Wash your face and remove any makeup
2. Use your steamer
3. Apply any serums, moisturizers and other products

Is it BPA free?

Yes! Our steamer is BPA free and safe for use on the skin.


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